Meet the Employer – Stephanie Routley, Scientist in Emerging Viruses at NIBSC

In partnership with a number of professionals spanning across different industries, Aspire Higher have created a series of ‘Meet the Employer’ videos.

In this video Stephanie talks about her school education and how her path had led to a career researching viruses. She explains how her initial subject choices at school were creative, including drama and literature but that she became fascinated in her experience of free science lectures at university which led to her moving toward science as a career.

Stephanie covers how no matter what you study at school you can be a scientist. Science is all about asking questions and finding answers to those questions, a Scientist is someone who asks questions. She also talks about the importance of open and honest communication and being able to respect and be considerate of others in the workplace.

Her top tip for success is that instead of being overwhelmed by big steps you have to take be micro-ambitious and focus on the next step. Completing each task or step one at a time and to your best ability will allow you to succeed, proving stepping stones to the next bit of your journey.

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