Meet the Employer – Mark Harris, Logistics Manager, NIBSC

In partnership with a number of professionals spanning across different industries, Aspire Higher have created a series of ‘Meet the Employer’ videos. In this video Mark introduces the work of a Logistics Manager and highlights how this is an important industry but has a lack of young people and many employers are actively trying to diversify their workforce introducing young people and fresh ideas. Mark believes this is a great industry for young people to consider as there are lots of opportunities coming up as older people in the industry retire.

Mark talks about studying Production Engineering at the University of Hertfordshire and how he never planned to enter the field of logistics but it was something he fell into. His job now includes transporting items across the globe including chemicals and biological materials, including COVID vaccine samples to the UK for testing and approval.

The field of logistics is varied and people can specialise in transporting lots of different things, including vehicles or even humanitarian aid.

Mark highlights the importance of a degree as it gives employers the confidence you can learn and develop new skills and can act as a foot in the door with the employer you’re interested in. He also describes his own journey to university using the ‘clearing’ process. There are degrees in logistics but the field is open to those, like Mark with degrees in other subjects and subjects such as Business and Management can give you really useful skills.

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