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Helen Barefoot, Deputy Director of the Learning and Teaching Innovation Centre at The University of Hertfordshire, welcomes you to the virtual university experience online.

Leaping Into Higher Education

Video game style animation for secondary school students addressing many aspects of student life at university and support available to overcome any challenges they may face. Topics covered include student finance, accommodation and pastoral support.

An Introduction to University Life

Mansi will give an introduction to university life with an overview of her journey to university, what influenced her decision and the challenges she overcame. Living away from home, making friends, what teaching looks like at university and wider experiences such as study abroad and volunteering opportunities.

What Does University Look Like During Covid 19?

Professor Shan Waring, Deputy Vice Chancellor, University of Northampton will talk about what going to university looks like during Covid-19 and what will it look like in September. My talk covers what the last few months have been like for university students, and what the main things to consider about life on campus and teaching and learning next academic year, for anyone thinking about starting university in the autumn.

University of Hertfordshire Virtual Tour

This virtual tour of The University of Hertfordshire shows buildings across the two main campuses. In the tour, you will see different teaching spaces, creative workshops, the Learning Resource Centre, social spaces and accommodation.

Clearing and Clearing Plus

In this session we are going to look at UCAS clearing. The vast majority of students will have already selected their firm university choice on UCAS Track and we wish them the best of luck in achieving the grades needed to meet their offer. However, it is always worth knowing what your options are on the day so in the next ten minutes students will get all the necessary information needed to feel sufficiently prepared should they need to rely on clearing come results day.

How to Prepare for University

Katrina will talk about how she prepared for university, her experiences of working remotely during Covid-19, moving away from home, making friends and socialising as well as making contact with tutors.

Coffee Break

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How Does Student Finance Work?

Ahmar Ehsan, Funding Information Partners Account Manager (Midlands) will discuss the key messages on applying for student finance, give recent updates for 2020 and also discuss Student Loans Company updates that enhance their service for applicants so they understand that applying for student finance hasn’t changed and support is still in place for them.


Megan Evans will talk about student accommodation, the different types of accommodation available and the pros and cons of moving away from home. She will also discuss how to live with, and make friends with, your roommates which is so important.

University of Bedfordshire Virtual Tour

This virtual tour of The University of Bedfordshire shows just one example of a university campus. In the tour, you will see lectures, the library and the Student Union social spaces.

How Do I Budget for University?

Merrely will talk about her experiences of budgeting and managing money as a university student. Top tips on how to save money and budget, student offers and discounts and useful tools for budgeting including apps and tools that make budgeting easier.

Lunch Break

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University of Northampton Virtual Tour

Join us for a virtual tour of the University of Northampton.

Digital Skills

Dr Jon Rainford, Digital Learning and Development Officer, University of Bedfordshire, will talk about being prepared for new ways of learning before you move to Higher Education can make the transition much less stressful. In this video, some of the tools you might use when studying at university are introduced to help you with this transition. It introduces different types of online learning such as virtual learning environments, lecture capture and online classrooms.

How Does it Feel to be a Fresher?

Katrina will talk about her experiences of being a fresher and how students can make the most of their first few weeks at university. There are tips on independent living, making friends, overcoming anxieties and on advice and ways to keep in contact whilst some teaching and learning takes place online.

Student Support – Whats on Offer?

Julie English will discuss how universities support students in many ways including: disability, mental health, student money and learning support. She will include information on additional support given to students during lockdown.

Student Motivation and Wellbeing

DNA-v Is an easy pathway to help young people learn about others, build and sustain relationships, manage their emotions and engage with the difficult choices of daily living especially during these very difficult and frightening times.

Closing of Event

Helen Barefoot, Deputy Director of the Learning and Teaching Innovation Centre at The University of Hertfordshire, will bring the event to a close.

Final Q&A

Get your questions answered by our Student Ambassadors and Associates.

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