9:30 – Welcome

We will be starting soon!

9:35 – Why are we talking STEAM

(science, technology, engineering, arts, maths) today?

9:40 – Working in a Digital World with Q&A

Northamptonshire county Council Web and Digital Team


10:00 – Women in Construction with Q&A



10:10 – A Spotlight on the Creative Industries with Q&A

One to One Development Trust


10:35 – What’s the Point of Studying Science?

The Royal Society for Science


10:40 – Fire Fighter… the best job in the world with Q&A

Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service

10:50 – Technology in the Fire Service is Changing

Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service


11:00 – The Sky’s the Limit – so let’s fly with Q&A

Awesome Industries, Amazing employers, Incredible opportunities – Gradcracker


11:10 – A Watery Mystery with Q&A

Anglian Water


11:35 – Engineering is where it is at! With Q&A

11:45 – Technology on the Railways

Network Rail


11:50 – Working with Volcanoes

Professor Nick Petford, University of Northampton
PLUS: Q&A with a 3rd year Geography student


12:20 – Spotlight on Engineering with Q&A



12:40 – Why are we talking STEAM today?

Merrely will talk about her experiences of budgeting and managing money as a university student. Top tips on how to save money and budget, student offers and discounts and useful tools for budgeting including apps and tools that make budgeting easier.


12:45 – Meet our Technology Graduates and Apprentices with Q&A



13:05 – Brain Fizzing Facts – Awesome Science with Q&A

Guest Speaker – Dr Emily Grossman


13:40 – Responding to the Lost Words through Science and Art

Fabula Arts/Wildlife Trust/Laugh out Loud Theatre


14:07 – It’s all about the feet! With Q&A

University of Northampton Podiatry Clinic


14:20 – Take the Lego Maths Challenge with Q&A

The Operational Research Society


14:28 – I work with water but what is my job? – panel quiz

Anglian Water


14:55 – Closing of event – Plenary

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