Jennifer Glover, PhD Research Student, AACME- Aeroacoustics,
Jennifer joins us from the University of Loughborough to host the morning session.  Here she introduces herself and explains what is coming up during the morning.

Why are we talking STEAM?

Find out why it is important for students to consider the creative arts when making their choices and how they play such an important role in science and technology

Working in a Digital World:

Lucy always wanted to work with IT and talks about how she explored her options, found work experience and landed a job with Northamptonshire County Council.  She has plenty of top tips to offer too.


Women in Construction: 

The construction industry may not be the number one choice as a career option but there are so many projects happening in the county with openings for apprenticeships and Chelsea explains why she has found her ideal job at Kier, the things she loves about it and how she got involved.


A Spotlight on the Creative Industries: 

From being behind the camera to running her own business, One to One Development Trust,  Judi tell of her own unique journey and has loads of advice for those exploring a career in the creative arts industries.


What’s the point of studying Science?

The Royal Society animation explains very simply what science is about and how it is connected to everything.  It explains how science is linked to skills, knowledge and give you tools to approach any of life’s problems.


Fire-Fighter… the best job in the world: 

Lauren explains why she became a firefighter, what her job entails, the importance of transferable skills and what makes it so enjoyable with Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue.

Technology in the Fire Service is Changing:

Explore the very latest in technology being used within the Fire Service


The Sky’s the Limit… so let’s fly:

Take a fast-paced tour with Gradcracker, through careers in STEM and explore a wealth of industries and businesses looking to employ apprentices and undergraduates and maybe even identify those that can offer that all important work experience.


A Watery Mystery:

Takes us on a tour of one of Anglian Water’s water recycling treatment and shows us how our water ends up back in the water cycle. Incudes two experiments that can be tried at home or in the classroom.


Engineering is where it is at:

Find out why so many females think that engineering is exciting and just the career for them, how they are role models for female engineers of the future and helping to shape Network Rail and railways of the future.

Technology on the Railways:

Join Maddie Moate TV presenter, as she explores some of the innovative and often recognisable technologies that are being used by Network Rail and finds out how they are using them in very interesting ways.


Working with Volcanoes:

Did you know there are some very interesting and surprising careers connected to working with volcanoes?  This is the University of Northampton’s very own Prof. Nick Petford and his whistle-stop tour of his favourite subject. With Leanne a 3rd year Geography student answering your questions.


Spotlight in Engineering:

Explore the world of work with employees from Cummins Power Systems, Megan, (Technical Apprentice) Katie, (Maintenance Improvement Engineer) Phoebe, (Placement Student Metallurgist), Bharathy (Labs Ops Engineer) Stephanie (HNC Facilities Manager).  Take a tour or their factory an get to know this local company.


Why are we talking STEAM?

Find out why it is important for students to consider the creative arts when making their choices and how they play such an important role in science and technology


Meet our Technology Graduates and Apprentices:

Barclays is not only about banks and money – there is a surprising and growing amount of technology, engineering digital and computer careers to explore in this session.


Brain Fizzing Facts:

Dr Emily Grossman introduces her new awesome science book and also talks about empowering girls to get into science, to be the best they can and to keep trying if things don’t go well at first.


Responding to the Lost Words through Science and Art:

This heart-warming video from Fabula Arts, explores the relationship between art and science though poetry, rap, music and the career of a Ranger for the Wildlife Trust


It is all about Feet:

Want to know about Podiatry as a career? Etka is 2nd year student at the University of Northampton who loves her job and wants everyone to think about it as a rewarding and fun career. Paul Fletcher,  senior lecturer, explains why it was the right career for him.


Take the Lego Challenge:

The Operational Research Society explains how research plays a role in everyone’s lives and what skills you might need to get into it as a field of work.  The worksheet and answers to the Lego Challenge can be found on the resource page.


I work with Water but what is my job:

An interactive panel Q&A session to explore the jobs of some of Anglian Waters workforce.


Closing of event – Plenary

Jessica Okoro closes the day with a look at her own journey through school, university and as the CEO and Founder of BeScience, a social enterprise aiming to inspire more children to get into STEM subjects.

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