Looking after your wellbeing this Ramadan

This month Muslims all over the world are observing the holy month of Ramadan. One of the most well-known aspects of Ramadan is fasting, which usually takes place from sunrise to sunset, after which the fast is broken by a night-time meal, or Iftar.

Fasting is considered an act of worship that allows Muslims to feel closer to Allah and strengthen their spiritual health and self-discipline.

If you’re fasting, here are some tips on how to look after your health through the month:

Plan your meals

Plan what you’re going to be eating in Suhur (your pre-dawn meal) and Iftar. What you eat has an impact on your energy levels so try to get the right amount of carbs, protein, fruits, vegetables and plenty of water.

Be productive
It can be tempting to skip your lunch break because you’re not eating or drinking. But it’s important to take regular breaks during your work or school day. Use the time productively by going for a walk, taking prayer breaks, or simply resting. Make a daily to-do list and write down what you’re finding challenging, and plan what to do to combat them efficiently.

Make the most of your meals
Skipping the Suhur meal to catch up on sleep might be appealing, but you will need the energy from this meal to help you throughout the day. Eat your food slowly during the times that you can eat and drink. This makes the energy of the food release slowly into your system, making you feel energised for longer.

See loved ones safely
Unlike last year, mosques are open for Taraweeh prayers in the evening, although you will need to wear a face covering, bring your own prayer mat, and observe social distancing. Although mixing households is still restricted, up to six people or two households can now gather outdoors or in a private garden. Restaurants will also be able to serve meals outdoors, so you can share your Iftar with family and friends as long as you follow the guidelines. For those loved ones you can’t see in person, make use of technology to stay in touch.

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