Black History Month – learning about the past to make a better future

October is Black History Month, where we celebrate the culture, history and achievements of black communities.

Black History Month has been observed in the UK since 1987, but this year, following the high-profile deaths of individuals like George Floyd and Breanna Taylor at the hands of law enforcement in the States, and the growing support for the Black Lives Matter movement, this month holds greater significance.

One of the key themes that Black History Month and Black Lives Matter champion is education – educating ourselves and others about the history of the African diaspora, and what that history means for us all today.

So how can you educate yourself about the Black experience? A good place to start is the Black History Month website, which is full of articles, opinion pieces and resources to help you learn about the Black experience – past, present and future.

Another excellent resource is the Black Lives Matter website, where you can learn more about the movement, which is working towards empowering Black communities all over the world and challenging injustice and violence towards these communities.

A great way to learn more about Black History Month is to follow the social media accounts of Black creators. You can find out more about Black artists, organisations and charities and educate yourself on Black History and anti-racist action in the UK. Find accounts to follow here.

We have also provided a few resources to get you started, including where to get reliable knowledge and information, resources for classroom activities, social media recommendations and local events: Black History Month Resources For Schools.

No-one can become an expert in thousands of years of history overnight. But with every article you read, every video you watch, and every seminar you attend, you will inform yourself about the challenges that Black communities have, and continue, to encounter.

By acknowledging what has happened in the past, we can use this knowledge to make positive change, today and in the years to come.

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